Colin Powell Fellows host “Civic Engagement in the Era of New Media” Symposium

The Colin Powell Fellows in Leadership and Public Service are proud to announce our upcoming symposium, “Civic Engagement in the Era of New Media,” that we have been planning since November 2010 with Farai Chideya, New York Life Leader-in-Residence at the Colin Powell Center. Civic engagement in the era of new media is a relatively unexplored topic with a variety of potential consequences, both positive and negative, for the social fabric of communities and the policies that affect them. This symposium will address the simultaneous potential for greater collective action, community building and organization as well as the diffusion of power and sources of information that come with the rise of new media.  We hope this symposium will facilitate direct dialogue among civil society, academia, policy makers and media representatives to construct a vision for a new civically engaged generation. Please check this website regularly for new posts regarding new media and civic engagement.  Looking forward to seeing you there!    – Colin Powell Fellows



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